Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Stefan Scheichl









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1060 Wien, Austria


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Curriculum vitae


born in Mödling, Austria.



Elementary school in Mödling.


Grammar school, BGuBRG Mödling.


Studies of Mechanical Engineering (specialization in Chemical Engineering) at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria.


Master's Degree (Dipl.-Ing.), thesis: Unsteady transonic nozzle flows in dense gases (BZT fluids) (in German), supervisor: Prof. A. Kluwick.


Postgraduate (PhD) studies as research assistant at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Continuous Solidification Processes at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Vienna Univ. Tech., Austria.


Doctoral Degree (Dr. techn.), thesis: Wave propagation and turbulence phenomena in strip casting processes (in German), supervisors: Prof. A. Kluwick, Prof. W. Schneider.


Civilian service.

Post-graduate employments in industry and research institutions


Process engineer at VATECH Hydro (now part of Siemens Austria), Vienna, dealing with the computational simulation of processes in thermal power plants.


R&D engineer at Philips Sound Solutions (now part of Knowles Electronics), Vienna, engaged in computational acoustics for loudspeakers and mobile phones.


Postdoc scientist at the Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, conducting research in theoretical and computational acoustics.


Research fellow at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, employed under a grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), project # 18644: The dynamics of near critical leading edge separation, the associated radiation of sound: the role of Fisher’s equation; project leader: Prof. A. Kluwick.

since 10/2009

Senior Postdoc, employed under a grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), project # 21771: An asymptotic description of transitional separation bubbles - compressibility effects and acoustic radiation; project leader: Stefan Scheichl.

Research interests


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