Stability Analysis for the JEREMI Experiment (SAJE)

MaranStable is the name of a numerical code which is intended to compute the onset of three-dimensional (and possibly time-dependent flow) in thermocapillary liquid bridges. The code was developed in preparation of the planned space experiment JEREMI in which European and Japanese scientists participate. The space experiment is supported by ESA and JAXA.

MaranStable was initially developed by Michael Lukasser in the framework of the project Engineering Marangoni Flows (EMA). EMA was supported by FFG under contract number 819714 (Austrian Space Applications Program, ASAP6). MaranStable is written in MATLAB and designed to computed the critical data of the above flow problem, taking into account

Michael Lukasser performed a really outstanding job developing MaranStable 1.0 within 18 months from 7/2009 to 12/2010. Unfortunately, FFG decided not to carry on with the project. It was only in 2018 when we were able to get funding for SAJE which is the acronym of the FFG Project 866027 (in ASAP14) Stability Analysis for the JEREMI Experiment. From 10/2018 until today (4/2022) Mario Stojanovic took over. He removed several bugs, created a graphical user interface (GUI) for MaranStable 3.0 and extended the source code by many features (concerning e.g. advanced heat transfer functions, Boussinesq approximation, energy budgets, surface impurities) which are not yet implemented in the GUI. Those who are interested in this flow problem will acknowledge Mario likewise did an excellent job. You may try yourself and download the GUI from here. The code comes as is with no guarantee whatsoever. It is published under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-SA.

The GUI requires Matlab Version R2022a or newer. To install the GUI, click to download the installer below. Run the executable (it may take some time). Thereafter, you will be prompted to install the MATLAB Runtime library. If you find any bugs in the code, please contact us.

We also provide some sample data computed with MaranStable 3.0