Univ.Ass. MSc. Pierre-Emmanuel des Boscs









Technical University of Vienna

Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer E322

7. Floor / Tower BA/E322

Getreidemarkt 9

A-1060 Vienna


E-Mail: pierre-emmanuel.boscs@tuwien.ac.at



Univ.Prof. Dr. Hendrik C. Kuhlmann


Curriculum Vitae

09.2011 - 07.2016

MSc. (Mathematics and Modeling Engineering) INSA Toulouse

10.2016 - to date

Univ.Ass. and PhD candidate TU Vienna


Research interests


Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

"3D simulation of a cavitating flow in a globe valve";

Supervisor: A. Gosset ; Grupo Integrado de Ingeniería, Universidad A Coruña, 2015


"Inverse Modeling of Shallow Free Surface Flows in Glaciology, using Variational Data Assimilation";

Supervisor: J.Monnier; Mathematical Institute of Toulouse - INSA, 2016



Fundamentals of numerical thermo-fluid dynamics

302.017 UE Fundamentals of Numerical Thermo-Fluid Dynamics



Articles in International Journals

submitted J. Monnier, P.-E. des Boscs. Basal property inferences in shallow ice flow models.